Bouncy Castles

We have several bouncy castles available to hire suitable for toddlers to teenagers.

Small Bouncy Castle

The small bouncy castle is 3' ft by 3'ft and is suitable for toddlers also can be used as a ball pit with safety netting all the way round.



Tube Castle

The tubes that we have are about nine foot by nine foot with four pods at the corners where you can stand, the height of the pods is about six foot with cool air blowing through the tubes to keep the children cool.

Sports Castle

The sports castle contains volleyball nets, basketball hoops and football nets.



Monkey Castle

We have the monkey bounce outside castle which is about six foot by six foot with safety netting all round.

The Big Bounce Around

Finally we have our big 'Bounce Around' castle which is 12 foot by 12 foot and has an industrial air blower, canopy to protect from rain or sun and is suitable for about 8-10 children at a time depending on their size.


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